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The Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Departments and Rescue Squads are making a push to recruit new members. We’re looking for new people to help respond to the community’s emergency needs, and we’re asking YOU to “Join Us”. This is an initiative of the Sullivan County Fireman’s Association. We appreciate you taking the time to see if becoming part of the volunteer emergency services is right for you.

Volunteers in emergency services are no different then anybody else, coming from all walks of life. While some people might be apprehensive about volunteering because of the notion that it is dangerous, with training the risk is minimal, and there are opportunities that involve not running calls. There are members who keep the books, work on the trucks or clean the station, for example. Their contribution is as valuable as those who respond to an emergency.

Inside everyone is something called the “volunteer spirit”. It is that sense of needing to help others, regardless of compensation. This spirit is strong in the volunteer emergency services, and just a fair warning ­– it is contagious. Once you have had the experience of helping someone in their time of need, you will never have a greater sense of accomplishment, and you will be hooked. Give us a chance and see what your county’s volunteer emergency services are about. We think you’ll be impressed, and we hope you’ll want to “Join Us”.




Volunteering for your local rescue squad or fire department takes a serious commitment on the part of the volunteer. However the rewards in personal satisfaction and pride that comes with working as a team to help your fellow neighbors, cannot be measured. We hope that you consider service in this capacity. Your help is needed and deeply appreciated!

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may help you determine if this type of volunteerism is right for you.

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Volunteers in emergency services are no different then anybody else, coming from all walks of life. The only difference is that in their free time they decide to help others in the community by volunteering for their local emergency service. Volunteers come from all kinds of professions. Some even work as paid emergency service staff. At any volunteer department you will find a diverse group of men and women, all with a unique skill set.

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