About The Association


The Sullivan County Fireman’s Association is comprised of 10 volunteer fire departments and 4 rescue squads (member directory) that together respond to over six thousand calls annually. Their services save the tax payers of Sullivan County in excess of 50 million dollars annually, in just personnel cost alone. Their contribution to the county through life safety and protection of property is immeasurable. If combined into one department, it would be the fifth largest in the state of Tennessee. 


These agencies offer a wide range of emergency services, including emergency medical response, vehicle extrication, fire suppression, search and rescue, water rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse rescue, high angle rescue and hazardous materials response. Additionally, the Volunteer Emergency Service departments offer educational classes to their communities concerning various safety issues.



73% of the nation’s emergency services are run by volunteers. In Sullivan County, the volunteers in emergency services make up less than 1% of the population they serve, but this small percentage is making a big difference in their community.