Remember your local volunteer fire department and rescue squad with your charitable giving. Few non profit organizations directly benefit you and your neighbors
more than they do.

About Us

The purpose of membership in this Association shall be to assist one another in preventing fires, to exchange ideas of equipment and methods of fighting fires, and to protect the lives and property of our respective areas in case of fire or any other emergency.

By-Laws Article I, Section II

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2019 East Tennessee Fire Rescue Conference

The Association proudly hosts the 11th Annual East Tennessee Fire Rescue Conference each fall for fire departments and rescue squads in upper East Tennessee. This event requires to collaborative support of all the organizations that are part of the Association, and the State Fire Academy to make it possible.

SCBA Confidence Trailer

We're proud to announce that our SCBA Confidence Trailer is complete and in-service. Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Departments are already putting the trailer to good use, however it is also available for rental to other departments and public.

To find out more about the trailer click here.